The Best Home Renovation Ideas



Date Posted: 11/30/2021

The Best Home Renovation Ideas

Are you in need of some changes in your home but not sure where to start? Sprucing up your space can happen with small changes, like painting an accent wall, or big changes, like a kitchen remodel.

There are two factors to consider when it comes to renovations - what needs to be done to make your home comfortable for the immediate future and what investments make the most sense for resale value. Not sure where to begin? Here are the renovations that experts and interior designers suggest seriously considering.


Paint is temporary, so this project is an opportunity to give your home a truly personal feel without impacting resale value. It’s a low-cost way to make a huge impact! Especially if you don’t plan on staying in your current home for more than the next 5 years, this is a great way to spice up your space without worrying about the future.

Not sure what colors you want to use? Ask yourself how you want to feel in the room you’re painting. Generally, lighter colors will help brighten a room and make it feel bigger and brighter, while darker shades can help make a space feel a little cozier.

The Spruce

Kitchen Updates

Kitchens remain the most important room in a home or apartment. They are often a selling point and what sticks in the mind of potential buyers. So when you are considering home renovations to help resale values, the kitchen is a great place to start.

Storage is a huge plus. If your kitchen allows, adding an extra pantry or some roomier cabinets goes a long way. Aesthetically, marble and granite countertops remain a top seller. You could also consider using the same marble for the backsplash and countertop. It gives the kitchen a clean, modern look while accenting the size of the space.

Absolute Granite

Create a Home Office

With more and more people working from home, a cozy home office or designated working space may ultimately become just as indispensable as a kitchen or bathroom. If your budget allows, adding a small room onto your home can greatly increase your selling point. If this isn’t available to you, many savvy homeowners get creative by simply removing closet doors in a guest room and adding office aesthetics like free standing shelves, comforting lighting and a bright paint color.


In-Home Spa

This can sound intimidating, but adding luxury into your home may be easier than you think. If your master bathroom allows, consider adding a freestanding soaking tub or renovating your shower with large, marble tiles and a rain shower-head. 


Make Unused Space More Purposeful

Do you have a formal dining room that is never used? Consider converting it into a family game room. Or, knock down those walls to extend your kitchen! Attic and garage spaces are also worth renovating. The garage could turn into an office or studio space, allowing you to work in a space separate from the main home. 

Unused spaces are great areas to start your home renovations. They allow you to get creative and make the space represent your unique style. By adding new wood flooring or carpet paired with complimentary furniture and lighting, you can transform a room to your new favorite place.

When you are designing or renovating your home, your preferences are all that matters! If you are having trouble getting started on a renovation, contact our team at Surfaces PCB! Our interior designers can help you explore the vast varieties of tile, cabinets, flooring, colors, and more to get the design of your dreams for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any area of your home. You can also visit our 12,000 square foot showroom in Panama City Beach to shop our extensive products. Contact us today at 850-249-4557 to talk with our team!

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