Natural Stones for Your Home's Interior Spaces



Date Posted: 10/01/2021

Natural Stones for Your Home's Interior Spaces

Natural stone elements throughout a home enhance each space’s appearance without ever going out of style. Kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms will benefit from granite, quartzite or marble that match your unique tastes. Here, our interior designers have compiled some ways to use different types of natural stone throughout the home to help you find what fits your perfect space.


If you like most modern styles, the second word that comes to mind after granite is probably countertops. Granite, one of the hardest stones in nature, is a good choice for kitchen countertops and islands or bathroom countertops, thanks to its durability and heat resistance. This natural stone can meet the demands of the busiest spaces without showing signs of wear. Plue, no two slabs of granite are alike. The stone’s unique pattern and elegance is another reason why granite countertops are a popular choice.

Adobe Stock


Marble, like granite, has unique veining and, combined with spectacular colours, makes it a real focal point of any room where it’s utilized. Choosing marble for flooring in a bathroom or hallway or even to frame a fireplace creates a classic, modern feel. The amazing texture of marble can transform any space. 

Galleria Marble


Quartzite is often confused with quartz, but it is not the same. Quartzite is a natural stone that originated as sandstone and also includes the mineral quartz, which is what gives it sparkle. In essence, quartzite is a fusion of marble and granite, creating the elegant look of marble, with the durability of granite, making it a go-to stone. The incredible textures and colors of this natural stone transmit an elegant and bright look for modern and rustic projects for spaces like living rooms or a study. 



Limestone is usually found in soft beiges and tans similar to its sister stone, marble, and is a subtle and comforting option that adds warmth and a welcoming nature to a room. Limestone is quite soft - not as durable as quartz so it shouldn’t be used as countertop material. We recommend using it as an accent wall in bedrooms or as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash.



Onyx is a striking and luxurious stone often used for vertical surfaces as bold statement walls in high-end designs. Generally, onyx comes in swirling and pastel color patterns, and each piece is as unusual as the last. It is most suited as an accent piece or bar countertop that does not experience as much traffic. Although with proper care, polished and sealed, onyx performs similarly to marble.


Natural stone is a fun element to choose for any space throughout your home! No matter your style, our interior designers can help you decide between different types of stone to create a space that is uniquely you. So contact our team at Surfaces PCB! From limestone accent walls to granite countertops and marble backsplashes, our experts can custom fabricate any room of your home with over 20+ exclusive lines of tile, granite, marble and more. Visit our 12,000 square foot showroom located at 17500 Panama City Beach Parkway for inspiration or give us a call today to get started!

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