Inspiring Modern, Nautical Themes in Your Home



Date Posted: 08/01/2022

Trying to bring the beach into your home (without the sand)? There are chic, modern, nautical looks coming back in the interior design world! So if you are updating your home or rental property to fit the Gulf of Mexico vibe, we’ve got some tips for you. And don’t worry, we’ll leave out the white wicker furniture!

Coastal contemporary interior design is defined by clean lines, natural materials and textures. Keep things bright and airy, while adding depth with statement art and furniture. Light is vital in the coastal contemporary look. You are, after all, celebrating tropical beachside living. Keep reading for inspiration.

Coastal Colors & Natural Textures 

Pale colors create a sense of the coast, and are ideal for large expanses of wall and floor. White is great as it reflects the light and enhances a sense of space, but make sure to mix up different shades of white, as all-white can look really cold. Choose lots of different paler shades and incorporate natural textures to create definition.

Incorporate shades of blue as reminders of the water with beautiful tile backsplashes. Consider pairing these shades with light wood panel flooring to set the mood.



Modern Fixtures & Decor

Go for classic, industrial, maritime-inspired lights to accentuate your coastal contemporary designed home. This style looks great against a clean, modern backdrop. Fixtures in stainless steel, polished chrome and aluminum catch the eye and fit perfectly within this look for bathrooms, kitchens and open living spaces.





This mix of timber and jute looks great in a contemporary setting. The soft sand and aqua make for a restful coastal palette. As with other coastal styles, you’ll want to stick to natural tones for your flooring. Rugs should be simple but hard wearing, which is why jute is such a popular choice.




Driftwood Accents

When it comes to driftwood, you may be surprised by its versatility and ability to make a place seem as natural and unique as modern coastal decor. Driftwood is no longer restricted to the seaside. You can display it on a coastal coffee table or on your built-in bookshelves.


Minimalist Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is a popular choice for many beach homes. When picking wood furniture for a modern coastal home, go with minimalist forms and shapes. Wood furniture is often stained in softer, more neutral shades. The minimalist quality makes wood furniture much simpler to create attractive and beautiful vignettes using classic coastal decorations. Wood furniture is undoubtedly more durable and more aesthetically pleasing because of its natural beauty.


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