Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love



Date Posted: 05/03/2021


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love

Whether you are getting dressed for a job interview, editing photographs for instagram, or working on a major home remodeling project, black and white never seems to go out of style. And, lucky for us, it never does. This simple color combination has been executed in many different forms of art for hundreds of years - including interior design. Simply put, utilizing black and white creates a look (and space) that is chic, classic and timeless.

If you’re having trouble deciding on color combinations for a home renovation, start with the basics by considering black and white tile. The combo allows for so many unique accents that will create an atmosphere exclusive to your home. 

Black and White + Grey

Grey is a soft, neutral tone that seamlessly blends bold pieces together. Grey-scale tones, very popular in modern interior design styles, produce a calm and inviting space with room to add pops of color if you choose.


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love 


Black and White + Color

Don’t sacrifice your favorite colors for a bathroom remodel! Having a black and white base is the perfect stage to showcase a few bright pops that you love. Use black and white tile as your canvas to show off your eclective and creative side in any room of your home. Repeated color patterns construct a bold and cohesive style that says “I have it all, and more”.


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love


Black and White + Gold

If you’re going for a more glamorous look, this is the color combination of your dreams. Incorporating glints and gleams of gold throughout a black and white space is an impactful design style. Try incorporating gold directly into the tile design like one of our favorites below.

Or, if you’re looking for a more subtle combination, use brushed-gold fixtures like cabinet handles, faucets, or simply add a few of your favorite gilded home decorations like a gold-framed mirror.


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love


Black and White + Brown

Whoever said Black & Brown don’t go together was not an interior designer. Warming up a black and white room with soft shades of tan and brown is an instant invitation to relax in the space. White tile with black grout and a light wood floor, like the room below, is one of our favorite looks. To make a space pop with contrast, use a bolder black and white tile and add subtle hints of natural brown or tan with linens, plants, or more functional pieces like woven baskets.


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love 


Just Black and White

Lets jump back to the basics - Bold, beautiful basics. An all black and white space walks the line between modern and traditional, bold or subtle, and expresses an overall complexity that is unmatched. You can express minimalism with more modernized tiles, or make a statement with unique, geometric splash patterns like below.


Black & White Tile: Classic Looks We Love


Design options are virtually limitless when incorporating a black and white color combination. All you need to spice up your space is thoughtful touches here and there. Styling a space with a touch of glamourous gold, an eclectic pop of color, a subtle brown or tan, a calming grey element or just black and white alone brings life and creates a space unique to you. 

Considering various shapes, patterns and styles of tiles you’re considering for your home can be overwhelming. Our team at Surfaces PCB in Panama City Beach, Florida is here to help you design a space you’ll love. Let us help you incorporate black and white tile you’ll enjoy for years to come. Contact us or stop by our 12,000 square foot showroom on Panama City Beach Parkway to speak with an interior designer.

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