Things to Consider When Choosing Home Flooring



Date Posted: 05/09/2022

Are you in the process of updating the flooring in your home? With what seems like an endless abundance of options, it can be hard to narrow down what type of flooring goes in each room. Some factors may be more important to you than others, like how easy it will be to maintain the carpet flooring in your kids' rooms. Or you’re more concerned about which kitchen tiles match your brand new cabinetry. 

No matter which room you’re choosing flooring for, there are a few key factors to keep in mind! Keep reading to help you decide.

Size of the Room

This may not be the first consideration on your mind, but the size and level of the room will come into play as you choose flooring. Larger rooms will require more upkeep, particularly if they contain large pieces of furniture. You may want to consider a low-maintenance flooring option, like luxury vinyl or laminate. In a smaller room, you may want to opt for lighter colors, like a neutral carpet or a light-colored wood,  to make the room feel more open



Just like any home remodel or upgrade, flooring is an investment - and one that often pays for itself with improved home value. Consider the “shelf life” of your flooring choice. Tile, laminate and vinyl flooring are known to be long-lasting options that provide the visual benefits of wood flooring with much higher durability. However, if you are looking for a more valuable upgrade, real hardwood flooring can give your home that boost.

If you have pets or children, consider the durability needed to handle extra scuffing, spills or other damage. Finally, you’ll want to make sure certain rooms of your house have tough, long lasting flooring materials. Flooring for bathrooms and kitchens should be water-resistant as they’ll have to handle regular spills and moisture, and often have the most traffic



Speaking of high traffic areas of your home, most of us often utilize our bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms more than the other rooms like the laundry, office or spare bedrooms. The more foot traffic your flooring receives, the more durability and versatility you’ll need. Additionally, high-traffic floors will need a significant amount of cleaning, so consider how easy it will be to care for your flooring type.


If you are in between design styles for your home, try to choose a flooring that will fit many different styles or changes. Whether it matches different rugs, or can the wood or laminate be easily refinished or even painted - look for options that are adaptable. You’ll also want to consider that your life and home may look very different in five or ten years. Whether it’s a new child, a pet, or the redesign bug bites you, adaptability will help your flooring change as your life does.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Think realistically about the amount of time and effort you will have to put into maintaining your flooring. Each style of flooring will need a certain amount of polishing, sealing, refinishing, vacuuming, deep cleaning, etc. If you have a busy life and want or need low-maintenance, easy-to-clean flooring, keep this in mind before committing to a specific style or type. 

For example, carpet is often preferred in bedrooms because it brings a certain type of comfort. But it may be better in the spare bedroom or office space rather than in your child’s room. If you love real, hardwood floors, this might be perfect for an entry way or staircase, but you probably want to steer clear of using it in a kitchen or bathroom. 

When you are remodeling your home, your preferences are what matters! If you are having trouble deciding on flooring in your home, no matter what room, remember to contact our team at Surfaces PCB! Our interior designers can help you explore the vast varieties of cut, styles, colors, fibers, and padding to get just the right look and meet your lifestyle requirements for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any area of your home. You can also visit our 12,000 square foot showroom in Panama City Beach to shop our extensive products.

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