Outdated Interior Design Trends & What to Replace Them With



Date Posted: 08/31/2022

There are some interior design styles that are slowly making their way out the door. But don’t worry because they are being replaced with styles, we know you’ll love even more! 


Combining good style and a willingness for change, you'll feel a sense of relief when you learn which styles you can abandon from here on out. It's time to happy house the situation once more with a fresh update to give your sanctuary a new look full of personality.


The only question is, which one has you in the mood for a change? Keep reading to find out which styles to say goodbye to, and which ones to welcome with open arms.



Goodbye: Velvet

This may not be a surprise to some of you, but those of you who still holding onto your velvet sofa, consider saying goodbye and get authentic with tactile textiles that don’t have to be re-plumped and stroked down every time we use them.


Hello: Relaxed Textures

Think less plumped-up luxe, and cozier lived-in with layers of lounge-loving textures that embrace a slow living aesthetic. Snuggle into lazy linens and tumbled cotton. Elevate your sofa with oversized slubby linen cushions in cool or warm shades and quiet patterns, or try replacing rough, rugged carpets with softer textured throws on hardwood floors.



Goodbye: Subway Tiles

Don’t be offended! Subway tiles have been making a comeback in industrial-style homes for the past several years, owing to their fashionable, post-modern appearance. They’re not going out of style exactly, but they have become so common now, they are becoming a bit boring. To make things more interesting look to streamlined larger squares or even curved tiles to replace them.


Hello: Pastel, Geometric Tiles

Far more interesting than the safe subway square, get creative with unique formations in your bathroom, on your kitchen backsplash, or even jazz up your living space with inventive fireplace tile ideas. Exaggerate borders, create dynamic shapes, or take tiles sky-high from floor to ceiling – the options and opportunities are endless! Choose tiles in an on-trend ‘new pastels’ palette and pave your way to a calming, yet personality-packed space.



Goodbye: Neutrals

It’s still true that white and beige are timeless and safe options when it comes to interior decor schemes but consider shaking things up with some mood-enhancing color therapy! You might even agree too much white in a space makes you feel a tad claustrophobic. We say out with the vanilla and in with every shade under the sun!


Hello: Nature’s Green

Given its connection with nature, the rise of green in interior design follows homeowners’ appetite for all things natural. Explore a palette of shades ranging from calming sage green to jungle palm green to refresh evany space.


Green is an extremely versatile hue. It can be cozy and comforting, vibrant and refreshing, and even dark and dramatic. There truly is a green to suit all tastes!



More Styles to Say “Hello”


Broken Plan Living

Broken-plan living is revolutionizing the open-plan layout by providing simple solutions to divide the space to allow for flexible use throughout the day. Often overlooked is lighting, which provides the greatest asset in helping to create a zoning effect to separate areas through different shades of light that can illuminate or shadow various areas. This technique will cater to each individual member of the family and their needs while creating a relaxing and inviting ambiance for all to enjoy.



Color Blocking

It’s not just about painting the four walls anymore. Homeowners are getting expressive with color-blocked wall ideas in contrasting shades, borders with two-tone split-level walls, and color drenching entire spaces, including the ceiling, in saturated shades that recharge and change up the dynamic. Even refreshing a small corner of your home with a new color or design effect can bring about the most enormous changes to not only your space but also your mood!



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