Interior Design Trends Happening in 2023



Date Posted: 02/14/2023

In 2023, we’ll see an interesting mix of new and returning trends. Some of the most popular interior design trends this year include the return of bold color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, statement lighting, and 60s and 70s influences.

Several themes are appearing for interiors, with “elevated” being one of the keywords for 2023.  Luxurious looks, plush fabrics, and understated elegance are in, no matter what decorating style you prefer. 

While the decorating trends for 2023 are a varied bunch, they all have the potential to bring a sense of beauty, comfort, and style to your home in the coming year. Keep reading to learn more!

Luxurious Living

Luxurious living and an elevated mindset are where things are headed in 2023, and you’ll see that idea reflected throughout all of the trends on this list.  

Fine living doesn’t have to mean fancy or expensive. It’s more about refinement and an elevated approach to how we decorate and live in our homes.  It involves creating spaces that feel sophisticated and timeless, however that looks for you.

The luxe look isn’t about glam, shiny, mirrored, or glitzy spaces. Rather, you’ll see rooms filled with warmth, calm and collected accents, plush cushioned seating, soft rugs, layered lighting, and pillows and throws in luxurious materials. Light, worn wood features like cabinets or flooring help make this vision a reality. 

Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone finishes are having a big moment, particularly materials that incorporate unexpected tones and patterns, and that trend will continue in 2023! Some of the most popular stone elements include marble, exotic slabs of granite, limestone, and other natural materials.

Other than stone countertops, backsplashes, and flooring, some new ways to incorporate this trend in your home include handcrafted ceramics and pottery, clay vases, and dinnerware. Pieces that are imperfect and retain their natural charm and character are especially popular right now.

Pops of Color Return

After the past few years of non-stop neutrals, in 2023 we’ll see a return of color in home decor, paint colors, and bedding. Tying in with the other home trends, a luxurious palette of rich jewel tones, soothing greens, timeless blues, and warm earth tones will dominate in 2023.

Deep blue cabinets with gold hardware in the kitchen come to mind. Or earthy green tiling in the master bath with hints of clay pink in the veining.

Closed Floor Plans

The growing popularity of working and learning from home means that open floor plans are losing their appeal, and in 2023 home design we’ll continue to see closed-concept spaces, with separate places to work, take Zoom calls, and do homework becoming more desirable.

If your current home has an open floor plan and you’d like to create more division, you might try rearranging the furniture to help designate the different functions of each space. For example, placing the sofa with its back to the kitchen and dining area.

Natural Materials

This look embraces organic materials such as wool, cotton, silk, and clay in earth tones and warm neutrals. To bring the natural look to your home, focus on less faux and more real elements in your home. Look for furniture and flooring crafted from light or mid-toned woods and accent your spaces with natural rugs crafted in nubby wool, jute, or textured cotton to add warmth and texture.

60s and 70s Influences

In 2023, expect to see a return of the warm wood tones which were popular in the 1970s, as medium- to darker-toned wood finishes like walnut are making a comeback in coffee tables, consoles, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, media cabinets, and flooring.

Black accents

No matter what decorating style you prefer, every space in your home will always benefit from a touch of black. Black accent pieces and hardware are a great way to add contrast, drama, and sophistication to any room, especially when paired with other neutrals like tan and white or rich jewel tones like navy and emerald green.

Although this home trend is a carry-over from 2022, the popularity of black home decor, accents, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, and finishes is expected to grow over the coming year, especially as you incorporate more statement lighting, luxurious accents, and mixed metal finishes in our homes.

The great thing about the majority of the 2023 design styles and home trends is that they should stand the test of time, which means we’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. If you are ready to update your home with new interior design trends, contact our interior designers at Surfaces PCB! We can help you update and improve your home and increase its value with backsplashes, tile & stone, wood flooring, accent colors and more to get the design of your dreams for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any area of your home. You can also visit our 12,000 square foot showroom in Panama City Beach to shop our extensive products. Contact us today at 850-249-4557 to talk with our team!  

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