A Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets



Date Posted: 10/21/2022

Trying to decide between different types of kitchen cabinets for your home?  You may be stuck between budget, or your design preferences, or even cleaning habits. Luckily, there are many different styles of cabinets in virtually endless amounts of colors, materials and budgets that can suit any aesthetic you are looking for. Keep reading to get ideas about different cabinet options.

Beadboard Kitchen Cabinet Style

Popular in the mid-20th century in RVs and campers, today the beadboard kitchen cabinet style is making a comeback in vintage, retro and rustic kitchens.

Beadboard cabinet doors feature vertical panels with uniform beads and recessed lines. A downside to beadboard cabinets is maintenance, because dirt and grease get trapped in the crevice. 






Raised-Panel (Traditional) Cabinet Style

If you prefer a classic look that exudes warmth and character in your kitchen, consider the raised-panel cabinet style, or traditional. As the name suggests, raised-panel cabinets display raised center panels rather than the flat center panels.

Traditional cabinets can be simple or detailed with lines and edges, making this style very adaptable. Simple raised-panel cabinets are recommended for people who want a transitional-style kitchen, which combines traditional with a contemporary (on-trend) design aesthetic.

The raised-panel cabinet style is more versatile than one might expect. You can add gold hardware and white countertops to be on-trend, or pair matte black hardware with a dark countertop for a dramatic and timeless look.


Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Style

Originated by the Shakers, a Christian sect originating in 18th century England, the classic, understated Shaker cabinet style coordinates well with most design aesthetics. It looks good with kitchen storage solutions such as open shelves and hutches.

Shaker style’s simple lines and flat-panel doors make the cabinets simple to clean and personalize to your style. You can add your own style to Shaker cabinets with different paint and stain choices, or by opting for distressed wood. For a luxurious look and feel, add cabinet pulls in a gold or chrome finish.

Flat-Front (Slab) Kitchen Cabinet Style

Flat-front kitchen cabinets, also called slab, feature single board doors without frames, panels, ornamentation or beveling. The simple, minimal design of the flat-front style cabinet fits with many décor styles, such as mid-century modern, industrial, eclectic and modern farmhouse.

Flat-front cabinets have a timeless appeal. You can keep flat-front cabinets forever without running the risk of them going out of style. Tired of the color? With no door frames or panels, they’re easy to repaint. Bonus: Cleanup is simple!


Craftsman (Mission) Kitchen Cabinet Style

If you’re seeking a warm, natural aesthetic, then look to the rugged beauty of Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets. Craftsman is often made from medium to dark-colored wood such as quarter-sawn oak, with tongue-and-groove joinery. It’s a slight variance on the Shaker style, featuring three vertical stiles on the door, creating two flat panels per door.

Mission and Craftsman cabinets would look wonderful in a beach house setting, with farmhouse décor or in an urban home, paired with linear and simple furniture.


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