6 Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere



Date Posted: 09/12/2020

Is it time for a kitchen update? Many components of your kitchen, including the color scheme, decor, and appliances are all subject to fads and what’s popular now. A deeper look at lasting cabinet choices can help you find a style that you’ll continue to love for years to come.

These kitchen cabinet trends aren’t going anywhere and offer serious staying power:


Grey is the Way

What’s the new neutral color that’s showing up in kitchens everywhere? Grey cabinets are here to stay. This versatile neutral works with almost any wall and flooring color palette while adding a modern feel.


grey kitchen cabinets with white countertops and vase with greenery 


The Dark Side

When we say dark, we don’t mean exclusively black. Think, deep and dark hues like forest green or navy to make a major design impact in your kitchen. Although, some all-black kitchens are still trending, try playing around with dark-colored cabinets that contrast well with different hues on your countertops and kitchen appliances for added style.


dark, black kitchen cabinets with grey tile backsplash and stove in middle 


Jewel Tones

Looking to make a bold statement in your kitchen? Jewel-toned cabinets are a kitchen design trend that may be here to stay. Picture, rich, saturated colors like burgundy, sapphire blue, and emerald green. These colors also pair well with gold fixtures for a sophisticated look.


jewel-tones, blue kitchen cabinets with chevron wood flooring and white walls, breakfast table in corner 


Walnut Wonders

Walnut cabinets look perfectly coordinated with white kitchen walls and countertops. It’s another rich looking wood that has been showing up in many modern kitchens as of late.


walnut cabinets in kitchen with light beige countertops and sink with plate on counter 


On Island Time

Kitchen islands are great for adding extra workspace and additional seating to your kitchen. However, using your kitchen island solely for countertop space is so 2019. Adding cabinets to your island creates new opportunities for bonus kitchen storage.


blue kitchen island in the middle of large kitchen, white cabinets and tile floor with indoor plants and big windows 


Unique Hardware

Looking to mix it up in the kitchen? (pun intended) Try swapping out the more traditional hardware on your cabinets with more unique pieces. Think statement-making handles, rings, or pull-tabs that add distinctive design and style.


gray-blue cabinets with brass handles on drawers 


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