Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2022



Date Posted: 12/28/2021

Interior Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2022

The new year is closing in quick! It’s time to think about the newest interior design trends to make your space look better than ever. Some of our predictions may look familiar and traditional, and some are going to spice up your home for the better! What's in store for your kitchen, bedroom or a whole home makeover? Keep reading to get some ideas. 

Natural Materials 

You may see a focus on natural materials, especially in spaces like living rooms. Fast Fashion is out, leaving room for looks that are timeless and aim for longevity. It’s time to showcase natural wood mixed with marble or limestone accents, resulting in a calming, natural ambience that balances any space while remaining modernized.


Studio McGee

Marble, Marble & More Marble

Bold, heavy marble designs are making their way into the design world and are here to stay. Rough, rugged, fresh slabs will be introduced heavily into interior design and luckily, there is no such thing as too much marble. Think kitchen countertops AND the backsplash. Then pick out another marble slab for that new master bathroom shower you’ve been waiting for. 


MSI Surfaces

Dark Earth Tones

You may see a shift from dark and moody to rich and deep. Expect a lot of brown, copper, earthy tones coming into play with a mix of black and gray. Darker wood in accent pieces is still in play and consider pairing it with sofas with curves, chairs with soft lines and metal furniture to make for a beautiful contemporary look. 


Accent in Black

Black accents and hardware will be a popular home trend in 2022. This is an easy way to add edge and depth to more minimalist spaces. Choose light, neutral colors for the main elements of the room, like paint colors and light woods, and incorporate black accents for contrast such as dining room chairs, black handles on existing pieces like side tables or tv cabinets, or even throw pillows.

Coco Kelley

Adaptable Rooms

The home is a haven so each room should have multiple uses to make comfortable living easy in every space. 2022 will bring a demand for versatility in the home where one space can be transformed for different activities like a dining table or kitchen island can double as a desk, or molding an unused living room corner into a home office or, even better, an in-house bar!


Ideal Home

Think Texture

Adding textured fabrics and carpets to a space not only feel cozy and comfy but they also look luxurious and very chic. Think thick, patterned carpet, velvet couches, or large sherpa throws over seating. 


Look forward to the new year and new trends with our interior designers at Surfaces PCB! We can help you update every part of your home in 2022 with vast varieties of marble, flooring, accent colors and more to get the design of your dreams for your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any area of your home. You can also visit our 12,000 square foot showroom in Panama City Beach to shop our extensive products. Contact us today at 850-249-4557 to talk with our team!

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