2021’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Design Trends



Date Posted: 06/24/2021


Kitchens and bathrooms - some of the most used spaces in your home! So it’s important they are styled to fit your unique tastes. Designing (or redesigning) bathrooms and kitchens is an investment into your living space. So if 2021 is your year for renewal, start with your home! Here are a few of this year's popular design trends to inspire you.

Keep it Simple

Some of our favorite design styles are minimalist-inspired spaces. Not only are they effortlessly beautiful, they are easier to clean. 

Tips for a simply beautiful space:

  • Quartz or Granite Countertops are the perfect marriage of style and functionality. This easy to clean material is virtually nonporous and antibacterial, meaning it does not need to be resealed, is stain-resistant, and hygienic.

  • White or gray subway tiles are perfect for a kitchen backsplash. It keeps the space looking open and elegant with a twist of industrial vibes. 

  • Pair stainless steel appliances with silver or gray finishes like cabinet handles.


2021's Kitchen & Bath Design Trends - Keep It Simple


Maximize Storage, Minimize Clutter

Storage is key to any kitchen or bath design, with today’s spaces seeing a combination of open and closed storage in the form of cabinetry, custom storage accessories, floating shelves, pantries, and more. Having lots of storage makes you look like a minimalist while still keeping all your favorite personal items, and you’ll know right where everything is!


2021’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Design Trends - Maximize Storage, Minimize Clutter


Use the Kitchen Island as a Focal Point

The island is the heart of the kitchen, where everything from meal preparation to dining, coffee dates, and homework happen.  It also tends to be the gathering point for guests in your home, where everyone gravitates to find food and talk to the host. The island offers another prime location for storage, in cabinetry, drawers, and open shelves that fit neatly at the end of the island. Pair with beautiful granite countertops and stylish barstools, it may just be your new favorite place to spend time.


2021’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Design Trends - Use the Kitchen Island as a Focal Point


Big Tile is Trendy

Large format tiles are big bath design trends for 2021, with natural stone or stone type materials bringing a calming element into your home. Large tiles not only give your bathroom a sleek look, they are also easier to keep clean with fewer grout lines. Add a contrasting pebble tile shower floor, a linear mosaic border, or even a tiled storage niche to create visual interest in your bathroom design.


2021’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Design Trends - Big Tile is Trendy


Comforting Color Schemes

White and gray are still staples in kitchen and bath design color schemes, along with warmer neutrals like beige. If you want to mix up your color palette and add a comfortable, welcoming tone to your space try adding in this year’s popular color tones - sunny yellow and ultimate gray. Stay small by adding colorful accessories or go big by changing up your wall or cabinet colors. Bring the warmth of wood tones into your kitchen design, which goes with everything from blue to white, gray, metallic accents, and more.


 2021’s Favorite Kitchen & Bath Design Trends - Comforting Color Schemes


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